Gates & Ironwork

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If you’re looking for a home security solution that also provides an elegant, refined accent, ironwork and gating is absolutely an ideal choice. Our custom built gates, grilles, or metal accents help enhance the security of your home while also providing the long lasting durability of a custom made iron structure - not to mention bringing the timeless elegance of an artfully fused decorative accent to your living space.

Door Gates

For additional protection of your doors - for your home or business, whether you’re in or out - iron gates are a fantastic solution. These sturdy and strong structures help protect doors from environmental damage - and can be locked, adding another level of additional protection to your home. Gates function as both an additional protective protocol - that greatly impedes the efficacy of any attempted forced entry - and also a deterrent to any criminal that would be considering committing a crime. That being said, gates also function as a fantastic cosmetic accent to any living or work space - providing a timeless sense of elegant detail.

Fences & Railing

For those looking to define the boundaries of their property unmistakably, fences and railings are the absolute best option to choose. Our sturdy, well-constructed, durable and long-lasting fences and railing sets will fortify the security of your property - while remaining visually appealing. Railings in various accents help encourage ease-of-access for all individuals entering and exiting your space. Roof deck fences encourage safety while remaining visually appealing for maximum blending with a roof utilized as a relaxation or living space. We offer fences and railings in a wide variety of styles and accents - so you can be sure to find the perfect combination for your property.

Window Gates

Windows are unfortunately a common entry-point that criminals utilize in home invasions and forced entries. Dori Door’s NYC wide inventory of window gates is sure to provide you with the security solutions that your home or business needs. Make sure to insure the prolonged integrity of your living space or work space by guarding the windows against any unwanted entries - all while maintaining a level of aesthetic seamlessness with our custom-made, elegant, timeless iron designs - available in both regular and “belly” styles to help accommodate any air-conditioners or window inserts.


Whether you’re looking to keep garbage outside neat and collected or to differentiate a contained storage space in a basement or work closet, Dori Door NYC extensive collection of metal enclosures offer the perfect solution for your space. We custom make all enclosures offering box style garbage enclosures with a roof gate, as well as vertically sliding-door based storage grates - the perfect structure for keeping industrial equipment, bicycles, storage containers, or any other material requiring industrial grade protection. By utilizing our extensive inventory of gated Enclosures, you can greatly improve the space-distribution and level of organization of your living space, or business.

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    We had one interior door installed and were impressed by the professionalism, courtesy and capacity of the men who did the work, and pleased with the quality of the project. Then, we invited them back to install eight fire escape doors on our buildings.We highly recommend them.... Joseph S. New York, NY

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    Excellent service. Dori Doors installed exterior door in our building. High level of professionalism, courtesy and quality of the work. I highly recommend them. Jaroslav J. Manhattan, NY

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    I am repeatedly super impressed with this NYC Door Company!! Dori Doors NYC has replaced our automatic glass doors in my investment properties and I plan to use them on a future project of storefront door installation! These guys are a pleasure to work with... Eric D. Brooklyn, NY

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    Working with Dori Doors was easy and I highly recommend using their services. The installers were helpful and friendly, and that makes a huge difference when you are dealing with our apartment building fire rated door upgrades... Sara K New York, NY

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