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Best Business Access Controls

Best Business Access Controls

Are you searching for the proper solution to implement access controls to prevent any unwanted people to enter your building during the normal working hours? Controlled access systems can be a fantastic solution that save you both money and time. Since there’s a huge amount of controlled access systems on the market, it’s certain that any sort of business owner can find one perfect for their specific security, safety, and budgetary needs.


Code-Punch Access Systems

These access systems are regularly used by organizations and businesses like daycare centers that want to ensure that only specific people will be able to enter the building. They can be installed in lieu with calpads, security cameras, or real-time monitoring systems so that people who want to enter who aren’t employees given an access code can be viewed by an interior employee and either let inside or turned away.


Card Swiping Access Systems

These systems let any staff members of your organization to use custom-given badges to get access through the building’s front entrance. These systems are ideal solutions if you want to allow people to enter the building itself, but limit access to certain areas within the building. Many businesses and organizations from retail stores, to banks, hospitals, or government buildings use these systems to provide employees an easy way of entering for the day. If an employee leaves your organization, their card can be deactivated on the spot, so there’s no risk of a disgruntled employee entering your place of work. Cards can be reprogrammed, and deactivated if they are lost or stolen, eliminating the risk of unwanted access.


Employee Self-Managed Access Systems

Many businesses need to exert very rigorous control over who is able to enter the building. These sort of systems consider any visitor an unauthorized visitor until they are approved to enter the building. Anybody who comes to the entrance and wants to come inside must be buzzed in by someone who is already working inside the building. Through video security systems, and remote monitoring systems, employees inside the building can see exactly who is standing outside to confirm their identity. Many venues such as jewelers, pawn shops, convenience stores, gas stations, and check-cashing or Moneygram services implement this type of security system for their own security – even school and government buildings are beginning to use this system to help increase their own security.


There’s a ton of different types of business access controls; so the wisest course of action to take when you’re trying to decide which one to purchase is to speak to an expert. The seasoned and experienced technicians at Dori Doors are experts in business access controls; simply give us a call, tell us about the specific needs of your business, and we will tell you everything you need to know.


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Top Three High Security Locks

Best Business Access ControlsEveryone wants their business or home to be as secure as possible. Making sure that your existing locks are functioning properly can keep your property secure. However, in some situations, you might need a higher level of security. If this is the situation, you might want to expand your lock search beyond the traditional knob and deadbolt locks that are commonly on the market. Although these locks work well at keeping the average individual out of your property, professional lock pickers can disable these locks quite quickly. If you are keeping valuables on your property, it’s a practical choice to use a high security lock for protection. Here’s the three most popular high security locks on the market.


Schlage Deadbolt

This lock is somewhat more expensive than other comparable locks, however it is constructed with higher quality. This deadbolt resists drill tests, and is made out of an incredibly strong material that prevents the screws from being drilled out. It’s equipped with 4 security pins (spool pins) that make it much harder to compromise than any other comparable lock. It’s dense, heavy construction prevents it from being bumped, raked, or picked  – especially by the typical burglar. If you live in a house, this one-time expense is certainly worth the hefty price tag.

Mul-T Lock

One of the most popular manufacturers of high security locks, Mul-T-Lock’s offerings are very popular among businesses. Their MT-5 lock is particularly popular; it boasts bump, pick, and drill resistance, making it very difficult for even the most experienced burglar to disassemble. The Mul-T-Lock restricted keyway design also makes their locks an attractive choice for businesses, since the keyway copies can only be duplicated at authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer, and only with an included magnetic strip key. This helps business owners keep close watch over the control of their keys, making sure no criminal gets their hands on them. However, this added security comes with some extra charge – it’s more expensive, usually, to copy a Mul-T-Lock key than a standard one.


Medeco Options

Medeco is another leading maker of high security deadbolts that can be used for both homes and businesses. Particularly of note is their Maxum deadbolt type, which contains rotating pins inside the cylinder that resist any drills or picks. They additionally offer a vast variety of high security lock options at varying security grades and prices – allowing consumers to find the absolute best lock for their home or business.

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