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Best Business Access Controls

Best Business Access Controls

Are you searching for the proper solution to implement access controls to prevent any unwanted people to enter your building during the normal working hours? Controlled access systems can be a fantastic solution that save you both money and time. Since there’s a huge amount of controlled access systems on the market, it’s certain that any sort of business owner can find one perfect for their specific security, safety, and budgetary needs.


Code-Punch Access Systems

These access systems are regularly used by organizations and businesses like daycare centers that want to ensure that only specific people will be able to enter the building. They can be installed in lieu with calpads, security cameras, or real-time monitoring systems so that people who want to enter who aren’t employees given an access code can be viewed by an interior employee and either let inside or turned away.


Card Swiping Access Systems

These systems let any staff members of your organization to use custom-given badges to get access through the building’s front entrance. These systems are ideal solutions if you want to allow people to enter the building itself, but limit access to certain areas within the building. Many businesses and organizations from retail stores, to banks, hospitals, or government buildings use these systems to provide employees an easy way of entering for the day. If an employee leaves your organization, their card can be deactivated on the spot, so there’s no risk of a disgruntled employee entering your place of work. Cards can be reprogrammed, and deactivated if they are lost or stolen, eliminating the risk of unwanted access.


Employee Self-Managed Access Systems

Many businesses need to exert very rigorous control over who is able to enter the building. These sort of systems consider any visitor an unauthorized visitor until they are approved to enter the building. Anybody who comes to the entrance and wants to come inside must be buzzed in by someone who is already working inside the building. Through video security systems, and remote monitoring systems, employees inside the building can see exactly who is standing outside to confirm their identity. Many venues such as jewelers, pawn shops, convenience stores, gas stations, and check-cashing or Moneygram services implement this type of security system for their own security – even school and government buildings are beginning to use this system to help increase their own security.


There’s a ton of different types of business access controls; so the wisest course of action to take when you’re trying to decide which one to purchase is to speak to an expert. The seasoned and experienced technicians at Dori Doors are experts in business access controls; simply give us a call, tell us about the specific needs of your business, and we will tell you everything you need to know.


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Top Reasons for Lock Change

Residential locks find the need to be replaced from time to time – for varying reasons. Here’s a list of the most common reasons that door locks are changed.

Worn Out Locks

As time passes, many locks can deteriorate exponentially. Rust and metal degradation can render previously working locks completely ineffective. Make sure to inspect locks to find evidence of wearing or damage that would call for replacement locks – this includes any rusty metal, or if you have any difficulty putting your key inside the lock. Not only do worn out locks pose a security risk to your household, but they can also lock you outside your home.


Phantom Spare Keys

It’s important to always remember exactly who has spare keys to your home – whether you gave it to them or not. Keep track of anyone who has them, and whether they still do. If you find that keys you’ve given to friends to hold on to, or to repair people when you’re not home are missing, choose to change your locks – just to be safe. You can’t put a price on the safety of your household.

When you’re moving somewhere new.

Even if your real estate agent, landlord, or the home’s previous owner gives you their personal keys themselves, it’s pretty smart to have the locks changed anyway. Burglars can be craftier than you think – they can sneak into known landlord or realtor homes or offices to steal their property keys for easy entry.

Brand new Housemates

Even if you were in a good place with your roommates/housemates when they moved out, it’s always wise to change your locks when they move out. There’s no way of knowing if they gave their spare key to a friend, or if any unauthorized copies were made. Trust us, we’ve heard of nightmare situations where former roommates used old homes as mid-afternoon shower pads when they’ve had access to it. Nobody wants that.


If you or your child misplaced your keys.

This is good for peace of mind. You don’t know where your keys went; it just makes it easier to know you’re safe if you’ve changed your locks. Even if you end up finding whatever keys you lost, there’s no way of knowing whether they were clandestinely copied by somebody without your permission or knowledge.


In the event of a Breakup

These situations involve disagreements over ownership of domestic possessions, or access to the home. While it might seem like a drastic move to changeover locks, it can absolutely provide some closure or peace if one cannot peacefully remain in a home with their partner.


After Burglaries

This might be surprising but it’s not uncommon for burglars to return to the scene of the crime to steal from the very same property. Think of it this way – they’re already familiar with the home’s layout, and perhaps they laid their eyes on some valuables that they didn’t have the chance to scoop up the first time. Don’t let this possibility come to fruition.

Even if none of these situations are the case, if you don’t remember when you last got your locks switched, it’s wise to update them anyway. This can be incredibly beneficial – especially if you have old locks, as more modern mechanisms are much better suited for the break-in technology that’s proliferated around today.

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Top Three High Security Locks

Best Business Access ControlsEveryone wants their business or home to be as secure as possible. Making sure that your existing locks are functioning properly can keep your property secure. However, in some situations, you might need a higher level of security. If this is the situation, you might want to expand your lock search beyond the traditional knob and deadbolt locks that are commonly on the market. Although these locks work well at keeping the average individual out of your property, professional lock pickers can disable these locks quite quickly. If you are keeping valuables on your property, it’s a practical choice to use a high security lock for protection. Here’s the three most popular high security locks on the market.


Schlage Deadbolt

This lock is somewhat more expensive than other comparable locks, however it is constructed with higher quality. This deadbolt resists drill tests, and is made out of an incredibly strong material that prevents the screws from being drilled out. It’s equipped with 4 security pins (spool pins) that make it much harder to compromise than any other comparable lock. It’s dense, heavy construction prevents it from being bumped, raked, or picked  – especially by the typical burglar. If you live in a house, this one-time expense is certainly worth the hefty price tag.

Mul-T Lock

One of the most popular manufacturers of high security locks, Mul-T-Lock’s offerings are very popular among businesses. Their MT-5 lock is particularly popular; it boasts bump, pick, and drill resistance, making it very difficult for even the most experienced burglar to disassemble. The Mul-T-Lock restricted keyway design also makes their locks an attractive choice for businesses, since the keyway copies can only be duplicated at authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer, and only with an included magnetic strip key. This helps business owners keep close watch over the control of their keys, making sure no criminal gets their hands on them. However, this added security comes with some extra charge – it’s more expensive, usually, to copy a Mul-T-Lock key than a standard one.


Medeco Options

Medeco is another leading maker of high security deadbolts that can be used for both homes and businesses. Particularly of note is their Maxum deadbolt type, which contains rotating pins inside the cylinder that resist any drills or picks. They additionally offer a vast variety of high security lock options at varying security grades and prices – allowing consumers to find the absolute best lock for their home or business.

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Door Types and Exit Device Regulations


Man is opening the emergency door.

There’s official legal codes that dictate what kind of exit devices should be included in buildings – these are called compliance codes. Just as there are many variations in the design, appearance, and function of doors, there’s wide variation in types of exit devices. Depending on what kind of door you have, different models of exit devices, and installation methods are warranted. In this short blog post, I’ll provide some detail about the most common kinds of door / exit devices combinations, and how they function.

Accessible Route Doors

These doors are regulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act, passed by congress. The law stipulates that the locks on these doors must be able to be operated by applying under five pounds of force – this ensures that anyone can open these doors regardless of their physical condition. Additionally, the law requires that any lock devices on these doors can be operated without any sort of wrist rotation, tight grasping, or pinching. There’s a bunch of specific laws – as well as exceptions – for these accessible route doors; in order to make sure that your locks are up to code, it’s wise to consult a professional locksmith.


Fire Doors

These doors are installed in buildings to make sure that anybody in the building can quickly, and safely, leave the building – while additionally making sure that the fire doesn’t spread to any other areas of the building before it can be extinguished. Because of this, it’s necessary to get official approval before making any changes to the locking hardware on fire doors. These changes, if they skirt regulations, should be checked with the manufacturer of the door before being enacted. A possibility is to have an inspector sent to the physical location to make sure that any changes will be safely enacted – however, this can be costly.


Egress Doors

These doors have regulations that vary based on the amount of occupants inside buildings as well as the use-purpose of the building. These doors can be unlatched with a single “operation” – meaning a single physical interaction with a mechanism, but some exclusions to exist. Sometimes double-sided deadbolts can be used in commercial locations, religious locations, and places of assembly which hold less than 300 people. The regulations insist that if a double cylinder deadbolt is being utilized, there has to be a sign next to the door that states that the door has to stay unlocked when any individuals are in the room. The law also stipulates that there is apparent obvious distinguishment between unlocked and locked states of the door – it’s recommended that if you’re installing Egress doors on your property that you should discuss it with a certified locksmith familiar with the local regulations.


Since there’s a massive amount of complex regulations that stipulate how the above doors and their exit devices should be installed and maintained, it’s of primary importance to discuss your plans with a certified and experienced locksmith who can educate you about the legal codes in your area. Improper or illegal installation of these doors is not only a legal liability that can cost you a great deal of money, but it actually compromises the safety of anybody that’s in the building. Make sure to be proactive to ensure the safety of all the building’s occupants.

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Unpickable Locks for Doors

unlock door

Lock picking takes a lot of well honed finesse and skill. That being said, there are many expert lock pickers out that have the skills and experience to break many commercially available door locks. The trick to finding a lock that can’t be picked is to find a lock that’s somewhat unique and rare. Usually normal keyways with tumblers and pins are easily picked. Locks with security pins provide somewhat more resistance, but they’re still not ideal. The structure of the keyway or key has to be able to completely throw off the person attempting to pick your lock. Here’s a list of four fantastic locks that easily resist even the most advanced lock pickers.


Shi-He Chi-Me U-lock

Featuring an obstructed keyway with sharp turns and curves, this unique lock is impervious to picks because of it’s internal turns and tension. The key itself is a semi circular metal disc with extended protuberances. It’s made and sold in China, but isn’t even that widely used there. This lock is truly unique looking – and any criminal, of any skill level, would have an incredibly difficult time even guessing how it works, no less breaking the code.

HYT Chain Key

This unique lock and key blend is called a chain key because the key is a loose chain that’s placed into the lock. This allows for a unique curved keyway that resists the insertion of any tools. Without the key itself, and not being able to see the inside of the keyway, it’s impossible to guess the unique pattern hidden after the keyways curve. The chained key is somewhat delicate, however it’s truly unpickable.


August Smart Lock

This lock is exclusively opened via smartphone. It works on battery power, and won’t open automatically even if the power cuts out. It’s pick-proof, and can only be opened via a direct code inside your phone.



This magnetic lock, similar to the magnetic MIWA lock, albeit more complex, involves a key with circular cuts as well as an integrated unique magnetic pattern. Without access to the one-of-a-kind personal key, any aspiring lock-breaker will find that it’s impossible to pick the lock.


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A Door of Heroic Proportions: Clear Tempered Frameless Glass Doors

The door is an important element of the home or office that plays a variety of roles when it comes to décor and utility. Different types of doors can make a substantial impact when it comes to security and accessibility, the open feeling in a floor plan, and the transitions that people experience as they move throughout a space. If you consider these elements to be important when shaping the space in which you live or work, then the Clear Tempered Frameless Glass door can provide the solutions that meet your individual needs.

More Than Mere Beauty

This type of door represents a leading model in full-glass, frame-less doors. In both the home and the office, the Clear Tempered Frameless Glass creates an entrance that is both secure and highly-pleasing when it comes to aesthetics. While the design is carefully constructed using high standards, the door itself comes with a wide variety of options for the hardware. This type of door can be completely customized in order to enhance or compliment the space with which you are working. Ideal for the front entrance of the office, both the installation and repair of this door can be easily handled by  professionals. They work with the concerns of customers in order to provide them with a frame-less door that communicates sophistication and modern appeal.

Understanding the Craftsmanship

The Clear Tempered Frameless Glass model offers customers extraordinary value in terms of appearance, durability, and price. Once installed, the home and office is given a breath of fresh air that few other installations can match. The clear glass welcomes visitors and contributes to the apparent size of the space in which it is installed. The glass can come in a variety of thickness, according to the needs of the space being considered. Typical panes range between a quarter of an inch to one inch in thickness. The styles available for hardware also include freedom for clients concerned with security. Many different locking devices with varying levels of sophistication can be installed. Additionally, the handle offers customers versatility as well. The rails for the handles can be completed using bronze, chrome, and brass finishes.

Considering Every Detail

The selection of handles also offers a wealth of variety. Half-circle installations, vertical bars, and horizontal handles can all be installed with the glass. Once in place, even the smallest repairs can be made easily without the need to replace the entirety of the hardware. These flexible elements include a floor closer. Buyers also have the option of installing panic bars in order to designate these doors as an emergency exit. For Installation and Service of Clear Tempered Frameless Glass Doors in NYC contact www.doridoors.com

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Selecting the Right Office Door for your Business

Exterior office doors can leave a lasting impression on first-time customers. There is always that anxious feeling of what lies on the other side of a door, regardless of what the visit may be in for. Doctors, attorneys, investment brokers, and retail establishments spend thousands of dollars each year to attract new visitors, but an exterior front door can leave a solid imprint on a visitor’s mind.

Appealing Metal Doors

Metal doors are used for heavy traffic and add an air of longevity and security. Once, this protection only came in the form of flat gray color, hosting locks and simple hardware. This has all changed with designs that are more welcoming to the eye. Six-panel metal doors that yield a brushed painted finish can soften the harsh industrial presence of the traditional institutional gray. Fitted with an easy to use pull-down handle, a wood-tone, pastel, or light gray entrance door can bring the front of a building to life.

Dramatic Full Length Glass

There is nothing lovelier than a sparkling view of what lies inside of a window. If your company has an astonishing decor, show it off with a full-length glass door. A sturdy aluminum frame can outline the clear glass, while keeping tempered glass securely in place. Add a slight tint for removing glare and make the interior appear inviting. The most popular frames are bronze and champagne in color, for a dazzling, upscale design.

Prestigious Wood Exterior Doors

Nothing says prominence like a well-crafted wood door. If you have an office that is held within a building, or have a weather-protecting overhang to limit exposure, wood is a great choice in a commercial exterior entry door. Mahogany and walnut are two types of wood that will signify your pride and to invite new clients into your area. Carvings and exceptional trimmings allow you to be as simple or as extravagant in how you wish your company to be perceived.

Take the time to make this important choice in the gateway of your establishment. New clients will remember their first visit by the lasting impression of your front door. If you are unsure of what type of door is best suited for your specialty, invest in the knowledge of a designer. Many door companies offer this service at no charge. Consider your entrance as a form of advertising because it will announce who and what you are about.

If you’re looking to revamp your Office doors and Custom Door installations in NYC contact the professionals at DORI DOORS.

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Commercial and Industrial Glass Doors

Dori Doors & Security, INC are experts in commercial and industrial glass door installations, repair and maintenance. We’re known to mention that our specialty is in tempered glass Clear Tempered Frameless Glass Doors. We know that these doors promote high-security without sacrificing the front-facing aesthetic that commercial and industrial properties need to maintain an exceptional appearance and function.


These full-glass and often frame-less doors can be totally customized in shape, with handles, exit bars and overhead closures, and are made to match with an inventory of likable finishes. Clear Tempered Frameless Glass Doors typically feature 3/8’’ or 1/2’’ thickness and are exemplary for etching, sandblasting and placing custom logos which clearly represent your business. So what is your use? Here are a few applicable uses for Commercial and Industrial glass doors that we find attractive and very useful.


Restaurants, Retail, Business, Business, Business


Commonly, commercial doors are used in a variety of different establishments. The reason is simple. These doors offer transparency, which attracts customers to a product. For instance, they offer views of a delectable dish on table five, or a leather coat on a mannequin a few feet inside a store. Commercial glass doors literally invite you in, and in multiple ways. At the same time, they offer incredibly safe results. Although glass is perceived as fragile, these doors are composed of exceptional break-proof glass material, making them perfectly holistic for all types of a commercial front.


Industrial Glass Doors


Industrial glass doors are applicable in numerous circumstances. New York City Fire Departments, police stations, car wash centers and even storage facilities use industrial glass doors. They can be found in lumber yards, construction yards and other industrial properties as well. Industrial glass doors might be used to section off a renovated live-in farmhouse or even in an apartment to contrast a cozy interior. The use of the industrial glass door is endless. They are perfect for an aesthetically conscious client or a government entity needing a custom build.

What is common?


At Dori Doors & Security, INC, we can’t really say that anything is common. And, we like it that way. We like to customize doors for our clients in order to suit their exact or very particular needs. This keeps our job as unique as our product and makes for an unequaled experience in every way. But we can offer these commercial and industrial glass features to help you orient  yourself with our expertise in the area.


  • Insulated Glass, Laminated Glass, Safety Glass
  • Glass Weather Proofing
  • Glass Densities: 3/8’’ or 1/2’’ and More
  • 1 Year Comprehensive Service Guarantee: Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  • Free Commercial and Residential Estimates
  • Highest Quality Products and Hardware
  • First-Rate Customer Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Recap on Glass Doors


Dori Doors & Security, INC is passionate about servicing the Greater New York City Area. Our customers are very pleased with the effort we use to install quality long-lasting products wherever they are needed. If you have a question about our service send us a line! We love discussing commercial and industrial glass doors!

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