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Top Reasons for Lock Change

Residential locks find the need to be replaced from time to time – for varying reasons. Here’s a list of the most common reasons that door locks are changed.

Worn Out Locks

As time passes, many locks can deteriorate exponentially. Rust and metal degradation can render previously working locks completely ineffective. Make sure to inspect locks to find evidence of wearing or damage that would call for replacement locks – this includes any rusty metal, or if you have any difficulty putting your key inside the lock. Not only do worn out locks pose a security risk to your household, but they can also lock you outside your home.


Phantom Spare Keys

It’s important to always remember exactly who has spare keys to your home – whether you gave it to them or not. Keep track of anyone who has them, and whether they still do. If you find that keys you’ve given to friends to hold on to, or to repair people when you’re not home are missing, choose to change your locks – just to be safe. You can’t put a price on the safety of your household.

When you’re moving somewhere new.

Even if your real estate agent, landlord, or the home’s previous owner gives you their personal keys themselves, it’s pretty smart to have the locks changed anyway. Burglars can be craftier than you think – they can sneak into known landlord or realtor homes or offices to steal their property keys for easy entry.

Brand new Housemates

Even if you were in a good place with your roommates/housemates when they moved out, it’s always wise to change your locks when they move out. There’s no way of knowing if they gave their spare key to a friend, or if any unauthorized copies were made. Trust us, we’ve heard of nightmare situations where former roommates used old homes as mid-afternoon shower pads when they’ve had access to it. Nobody wants that.


If you or your child misplaced your keys.

This is good for peace of mind. You don’t know where your keys went; it just makes it easier to know you’re safe if you’ve changed your locks. Even if you end up finding whatever keys you lost, there’s no way of knowing whether they were clandestinely copied by somebody without your permission or knowledge.


In the event of a Breakup

These situations involve disagreements over ownership of domestic possessions, or access to the home. While it might seem like a drastic move to changeover locks, it can absolutely provide some closure or peace if one cannot peacefully remain in a home with their partner.


After Burglaries

This might be surprising but it’s not uncommon for burglars to return to the scene of the crime to steal from the very same property. Think of it this way – they’re already familiar with the home’s layout, and perhaps they laid their eyes on some valuables that they didn’t have the chance to scoop up the first time. Don’t let this possibility come to fruition.

Even if none of these situations are the case, if you don’t remember when you last got your locks switched, it’s wise to update them anyway. This can be incredibly beneficial – especially if you have old locks, as more modern mechanisms are much better suited for the break-in technology that’s proliferated around today.

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Choosing the Best Door for your Business

work doors

It’s practical and smart to make sure that your business has the best possible doors installed to serve the needs of the location. Many businesses put far too little time into choosing doors that can provide total solutions to their service needs. They simply work with the door already in place or choose the cheapest possible option. However, by choosing the best possible service door, you’re being provided with much more than a simple entrance way – you’re upgrading the convenience, aesthetic appeal, and efficiency of your business. Here are a number of considerations to think about when deciding the door for your business.

Technical Operation

You may choose to preserve the same door system currently in place at your business if it’s operating fine; Still, it helps to understand the many options that you may choose from. The most popular choice is a classic push/pull style door – this option works great with many industries. However, by upgrading to a mechanical or automatic sliding system, you may speed up the work efficiency of your office, as well as reducing the risk of injury when employees are transporting heavy objects or boxes in and out of the office. It’s important to study all the functionality and efficiency needs of your office, and search for the door that perfectly works for those needs. Are you constantly transporting large objects that need to be disassembled before passing through? Consider upgrading to a series of double doors that open wide, so you can push objects out on a roller rather than having to struggle with disassembly.

Long-Lasting Durability

Investing in a strong and durable door helps boost the security of your business exponentially. Many systems that offer heavy duty security can make a huge difference in the integrity of businesses located in rough or high crime neighborhoods. Thick doors or doors with installed insulation can help minimize energy costs in situations where you are using air conditioning or heating.


Security isn’t simply an issue of preventing forced entry, but a matter of ensuring the overall safety of your business. You need to be considering all manners of risks, including the unfortunate possibility of fire or water damage. It’s important to assess the structural integrity of your existing doors, noting how strong it would operate in case of one of these security issues; if you feel like the existing door doesn’t measure up to your standard of safety, it might be best to upgrade it.


It’s important to consider the visual aspect of your commercial door – it is, of course, the first thing most customers will see in your business. You want to choose a door that really stands for your business – that represents its visual toning, color, mood, aesthetic. A common choice in doors is wood – it has a huge variety of finishes that can be matched with a building’s interior and exterior to pass on a mood of rusticness, homeyness, or high-end luxury. Aluminum doors are great for businesses looking for a modern look – and are available in a huge variety of styles, not to mention being incredibly durable, sleek, and inexpensive. Steel doors provide the highest security – but is still available in custom designs at an inexpensive price.


Businesses looking to repair or replace their front doors should assess exactly what door would be perfect for their location, and contact a door installation professional. Professionals can provide extensive knowledge of custom door designs, can complete installations quickly and efficiently, and lastly (if you find the perfect service) can provide materials at a steep discount you’d be unable to find working on your own.


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Benefits of energy efficient doors


Now that the weather is cooling down, it’s important to make sure that your doors are at peak energy efficiency. This has a wide variety of benefits – it can ensure that the temperature of your home is more comfortable, as well as making sure your energy bills are low. Here are some of the top reasons it worth upgrading to energy efficient doors for your home or office.

Enhanced Comfort

Non airtight doors allow cold drafts and wind inside your home. allowing air to leak in from outside, and warm heated air to leak outside. This can cause houses to be hotter during summer months and much colder during winter months. The pressure changes stress air conditioning and heating systems, causing them to work harder, wearing out faster, and generating a much larger energy bill. Energy efficient doors make sure that the heat or cold air stays in, to maximize the comfort of your home or office and vastly reduce your power bills.

Mold Reduction

Houses without energy efficient doors usually have much more mold in the areas near the doors – these spores come from leaking air from outside, and commonly grow on the inside of door frames. You avoid unhealthy mold by installing airtight energy efficient doors, protecting the vitality of the people in your space.

Tax Credits

Due to federal programs that reward energy efficiency, energy efficient doors are often Energy Star rated, meaning that by purchasing them you become eligible for tax credits for up to 30 percent of the door’s cost. The combination of a reduced energy bill and a returned tax credit makes the installation of energy efficient doors a financially rewarding step to take for your home or business.

Aesthetic Appearance

Most energy efficient doors are made in eye-pleasing contemporary or classic styles that suit whatever mood palette you want for your home or business. Updating old and potentially moldy-framed doors can add a burst of vitality to your home or business’s appearance, enhancing the beauty, safety, and financial viability of your home on the inside as well as the outside.

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A Door of Heroic Proportions: Clear Tempered Frameless Glass Doors

The door is an important element of the home or office that plays a variety of roles when it comes to décor and utility. Different types of doors can make a substantial impact when it comes to security and accessibility, the open feeling in a floor plan, and the transitions that people experience as they move throughout a space. If you consider these elements to be important when shaping the space in which you live or work, then the Clear Tempered Frameless Glass door can provide the solutions that meet your individual needs.

More Than Mere Beauty

This type of door represents a leading model in full-glass, frame-less doors. In both the home and the office, the Clear Tempered Frameless Glass creates an entrance that is both secure and highly-pleasing when it comes to aesthetics. While the design is carefully constructed using high standards, the door itself comes with a wide variety of options for the hardware. This type of door can be completely customized in order to enhance or compliment the space with which you are working. Ideal for the front entrance of the office, both the installation and repair of this door can be easily handled by  professionals. They work with the concerns of customers in order to provide them with a frame-less door that communicates sophistication and modern appeal.

Understanding the Craftsmanship

The Clear Tempered Frameless Glass model offers customers extraordinary value in terms of appearance, durability, and price. Once installed, the home and office is given a breath of fresh air that few other installations can match. The clear glass welcomes visitors and contributes to the apparent size of the space in which it is installed. The glass can come in a variety of thickness, according to the needs of the space being considered. Typical panes range between a quarter of an inch to one inch in thickness. The styles available for hardware also include freedom for clients concerned with security. Many different locking devices with varying levels of sophistication can be installed. Additionally, the handle offers customers versatility as well. The rails for the handles can be completed using bronze, chrome, and brass finishes.

Considering Every Detail

The selection of handles also offers a wealth of variety. Half-circle installations, vertical bars, and horizontal handles can all be installed with the glass. Once in place, even the smallest repairs can be made easily without the need to replace the entirety of the hardware. These flexible elements include a floor closer. Buyers also have the option of installing panic bars in order to designate these doors as an emergency exit. For Installation and Service of Clear Tempered Frameless Glass Doors in NYC contact www.doridoors.com

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Selecting the Right Office Door for your Business

Exterior office doors can leave a lasting impression on first-time customers. There is always that anxious feeling of what lies on the other side of a door, regardless of what the visit may be in for. Doctors, attorneys, investment brokers, and retail establishments spend thousands of dollars each year to attract new visitors, but an exterior front door can leave a solid imprint on a visitor’s mind.

Appealing Metal Doors

Metal doors are used for heavy traffic and add an air of longevity and security. Once, this protection only came in the form of flat gray color, hosting locks and simple hardware. This has all changed with designs that are more welcoming to the eye. Six-panel metal doors that yield a brushed painted finish can soften the harsh industrial presence of the traditional institutional gray. Fitted with an easy to use pull-down handle, a wood-tone, pastel, or light gray entrance door can bring the front of a building to life.

Dramatic Full Length Glass

There is nothing lovelier than a sparkling view of what lies inside of a window. If your company has an astonishing decor, show it off with a full-length glass door. A sturdy aluminum frame can outline the clear glass, while keeping tempered glass securely in place. Add a slight tint for removing glare and make the interior appear inviting. The most popular frames are bronze and champagne in color, for a dazzling, upscale design.

Prestigious Wood Exterior Doors

Nothing says prominence like a well-crafted wood door. If you have an office that is held within a building, or have a weather-protecting overhang to limit exposure, wood is a great choice in a commercial exterior entry door. Mahogany and walnut are two types of wood that will signify your pride and to invite new clients into your area. Carvings and exceptional trimmings allow you to be as simple or as extravagant in how you wish your company to be perceived.

Take the time to make this important choice in the gateway of your establishment. New clients will remember their first visit by the lasting impression of your front door. If you are unsure of what type of door is best suited for your specialty, invest in the knowledge of a designer. Many door companies offer this service at no charge. Consider your entrance as a form of advertising because it will announce who and what you are about.

If you’re looking to revamp your Office doors and Custom Door installations in NYC contact the professionals at DORI DOORS.

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Common Door Problems in Winter and Fixes


The mainstay of your door is upkeep. In the wintertime, a door’s outer-facing surface may combat the harshest cold to the hottest heat. If the door is wood, it might soak up water from humidity and release it during a dry and bitter plunge in temperature. Beyond the structure or material of the door itself are the helping parts, like the health of the frame, its hinges, jamb and hardware— screws, drywall or molding and even stress cracks. If your door isn’t working properly, we can help. Here are some possible issues doors face in the winter and how you can fix them or prevent them yourself.

 Door binds in upper corner

 In the winter, a door or a door frame may release its water content. This changes the way a door opens and closes. It also puts a great amount of stress on the geometry of the door. For instance, on the jamb. To prevent or fix this is simple.

Fix: Before the season changes, and if you notice the jamb beginning to catch, replace your old screws with new ones. The new screws should be of a slightly larger make so that they can reserve more balance on the swing of the door. So, drill pilot holes a little deeper in the existing holes. These screws will relieve the pressure from the bind and help it sit plumb in its best working position.

  Door wont latch

 If your door won’t stay latched because of a temperature delineation, such as a quick shift from hot to cold, you may have to analyze your strike plate. The strike plate is used mainly for the deadbolt which is imperative for home security. If by resizing and drilling deeper pilot holes doesn’t lessen its lean, you may have to either replace a door, or re-adjust your strike plate.

Fix: To readjust the strike plate you have several options. Always mark and measure where the new room is needed to fit the strike plate. If possible, file the metal where space is needed. It that doesn’t fit your predicament, unscrewing the plate, and then chiseling into the jamb for room, then establishing the screw plate slightly higher or over will fix the issue at hand.

 Screws are loose

 After longtime use, screws may loosen in their drill holes. In this case, they might have a difficult time pulling the wood into its rings and staying secure. There are two main fixes for this.

Fix: Exit the old screws from the place where they are being forced out and reinsert screws of a slightly larger diameter. If another size screw will not work, consider applying a dowel. Glue dowels with applicable dowel glue into the holes and allow them to dry completely. When completely dry, drill new pilot holes and re-insert and install components.

 Door stays open

 If a door is uneven or not plumb in its frame, the door might be oft to swing and stay open. An open door in the summer or winter is not good, especially when it lets in rain and snow by just turning the handle and having it fall out of your control quickly.

Fix: For this issue, either re-drill holes for bigger screws, or create a shim. A shim can be placed behind screws in the hinges. Note where there is a bind or where the door pulls from the hinge. Is it more from top or bottom? Place shims in response to even the swing of the door.

 Door latch misses strike plate

 When the winter causes your door latch to loosen it may strike the strike plate. Repeated use of a door will cause this to happen frequently. Don’t worry so much about this. It’s easier than re-adjusting the strike plate as we mentioned above.

Fix: Screw in the strike plate. If the strike plate has preferred a certain angle because of warping tap or lightly hammer the strike plate until it is positioned correctly to again accept the latch.

 Door Surfaces/Weatherproofing

 To prevent the surface of your door from warping or cracking, think about a good weatherproofing material or coat.

Fix: If you’ve already aligned your door, adjusted strike plates, hinges and latches, ask about door weatherproofing materials that can preserve the integrity of your door and frame. There are a number of door weatherproofing materials on the market. Find one that best matches your door and apply it by instruction or by a professional hardware store opinion.


 It’s common for the winter to let in cool air, and challenge your door with its wintry elements. Weatherstripping is your best friend for sealing these unwanted ingredients from accessing your entry way and saving you some money on your energy bill. Weather stripping may be made of metal, vinyl, rubber felt or foam. Those are the common materials. Weatherstripping comes in kits but if you’re not sure how much to apply ask a store helper for the exact amount to apply to your door. Fill in the cracks where needed. This will not only keep with the heat bill, but it will make your door snug. Here’s what to do.

Fix: Clean all applicable surfaces thoroughly. This will help the weather stripping adhere to its surface. Clean jambs and all surfaces then allow it to dry. Measure and cut the weatherstripping to what you need. Peel the adhesive and fit plumb.

 Winter Squeak

 If your door is squeaky, it’s likely that the jambs and hinges have been removed of their oils. Like locks, they will need some light lubricant to take the squeaks out.

Fix: At your hardware store, purchase some silicone. Remove all door pins that allow the door to swing and coat with a thin amount of silicon. Note: you can also use graphite or another recommended product useful on doors. Say goodbye to the winter squeak.


Don’t want to do the above fixes yourself? Contact a professional door repair company in NYC, Dori Doors has been installing and repairing commercial doors for over 14 Years in NYC.


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Commercial and Industrial Glass Doors

Dori Doors & Security, INC are experts in commercial and industrial glass door installations, repair and maintenance. We’re known to mention that our specialty is in tempered glass Clear Tempered Frameless Glass Doors. We know that these doors promote high-security without sacrificing the front-facing aesthetic that commercial and industrial properties need to maintain an exceptional appearance and function.


These full-glass and often frame-less doors can be totally customized in shape, with handles, exit bars and overhead closures, and are made to match with an inventory of likable finishes. Clear Tempered Frameless Glass Doors typically feature 3/8’’ or 1/2’’ thickness and are exemplary for etching, sandblasting and placing custom logos which clearly represent your business. So what is your use? Here are a few applicable uses for Commercial and Industrial glass doors that we find attractive and very useful.


Restaurants, Retail, Business, Business, Business


Commonly, commercial doors are used in a variety of different establishments. The reason is simple. These doors offer transparency, which attracts customers to a product. For instance, they offer views of a delectable dish on table five, or a leather coat on a mannequin a few feet inside a store. Commercial glass doors literally invite you in, and in multiple ways. At the same time, they offer incredibly safe results. Although glass is perceived as fragile, these doors are composed of exceptional break-proof glass material, making them perfectly holistic for all types of a commercial front.


Industrial Glass Doors


Industrial glass doors are applicable in numerous circumstances. New York City Fire Departments, police stations, car wash centers and even storage facilities use industrial glass doors. They can be found in lumber yards, construction yards and other industrial properties as well. Industrial glass doors might be used to section off a renovated live-in farmhouse or even in an apartment to contrast a cozy interior. The use of the industrial glass door is endless. They are perfect for an aesthetically conscious client or a government entity needing a custom build.

What is common?


At Dori Doors & Security, INC, we can’t really say that anything is common. And, we like it that way. We like to customize doors for our clients in order to suit their exact or very particular needs. This keeps our job as unique as our product and makes for an unequaled experience in every way. But we can offer these commercial and industrial glass features to help you orient  yourself with our expertise in the area.


  • Insulated Glass, Laminated Glass, Safety Glass
  • Glass Weather Proofing
  • Glass Densities: 3/8’’ or 1/2’’ and More
  • 1 Year Comprehensive Service Guarantee: Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  • Free Commercial and Residential Estimates
  • Highest Quality Products and Hardware
  • First-Rate Customer Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Recap on Glass Doors


Dori Doors & Security, INC is passionate about servicing the Greater New York City Area. Our customers are very pleased with the effort we use to install quality long-lasting products wherever they are needed. If you have a question about our service send us a line! We love discussing commercial and industrial glass doors!

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Dori Doors NYC is now BBB Accredited Business

Dori Doors NYC. has proudly served the Greater New York City area for 14 years with sales in all types of commercial doors, door installation and door repair. We’ve partnered with New York City commercial and residential proprietors to outfit buildings with the absolute best entryways possible. You may ask, so what is the best entryway, anyway?

Dori Doors & Security Inc. We understand this question withholds a two-fold answer. We strive to achieve the best aesthetic possible while ensuring total functionality and the longevity of a product. Through unequaled customer service and omnipresent technical support, we’re able to stand behind all of our products and services. That’s how you provide the best entryways possible.

Accredited Door Installation & Repair Company

At Dori Doors NYC. we figured this was just typical protocol. But recently we’ve been accredited the BBB Code of Business Practices— an honor we thought we would share with our current and prospective partners. The accreditation— for those who don’t know— is an excellent value system built on fulfilling company transparency, trust and a total honor that begins with our messaging and ends with a  satisfied customer.

The BBB Code of Business Practices is something that we want to share with you as a valued partner in New York City. Because we feel the BBB Code of Business Practices is just as much a part of us as it is a part of you. In a way this is our way of saying thanks at a time when it seems most appropriate. Dori Doors & Security Inc. will be here proudly serving New York City residents for a long while. Come in and say hello!

BBB Accreditation is an honor – and not every business is eligible. Businesses deemed to meet Accreditation Standards are presented to the BBB’s Board (or designees) for review and acceptance as a BBB Accredited Business. To read more about BBB Accreditation Standards,

Dori Doors A BBB Accredited Business since 11/19/2014

BBB has determined that Dori Doors NYC meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public. Click here


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