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Advantages of Fiberglass Doors

Installing Fiberglass doors has some advantages over installing wood or metal doors. They can be made to look just like wood, are tougher than most doors, and resist climate changes with superior quality. Many fiberglass doors are also said to be environmentally safe. Some new materials, including the Therma-Tru Accugrain looks just like real wood grain.


Pros of Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are more expensive than normal grades of wooden and metallic doors, but their benefits will make the investment worth it. They are hard to scratch, and rarely warp or peel – and are much more weather resistant than wooden doors. Fiberglass doors:

  • Are tough than vinyl doors

  • Are available in massive selections of styles and colors

  • Have size customizability

  • Require little maintenance

  • Never buckle

  • Can look like real wood grain

  • Offer fantastic dent protection

  • Are easy to paint

  • Offer quality insulation, as they are often stuffed with foam


Installing Fiberglass Doors

The cost of fiberglass doors range based on how they are installed and finished. They run averagely around $500 for normal doors, and can be around $2,500 for special customized foor projects. Extra sealing and staining processes might cost extra money. The various factors that can have an affect on how much a fiberglass door’s materials cost and installations service pricing are:

  • The size and shape of the door

  • The style of the window

  • How the door is painted

  • Finishing

  • Weather resistant / protective staining

  • Style details

  • Extra door hardware


An additional factor to take into consideration is what type of material the fiberglass door and it’s frame will be installed onto. Fiberglass doors can usually be installed for the same price that wooden doors can be, but in order to get a custom accurate price predictor, you should ask your door installation expert for a ‘field installation estimate’ – in which all the dimensions and measurements of the door and it’s opening will be factored together to provide you a total price.

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Fire Rated Doors


Components: Style &Types

Fire-rated doors are made in a variety of styles and come as a completed assembly including the frame and associated hardware, such as hinges, a latch, lock or the required closing device. Dori Doors in NYC installs fire rated doors that meet NYC codes. We also correct code violations with onsite repairs.

These doors are offered from stock on hand from manufacturers who also assist in developing the best door to suit any particular need. Among these are:

  • Hollow metal doors—typically installed on the building exterior and built to withstand the elements. These doors are also used in stairwells, on elevators and for janitor’s closets where moisture is often an issue.
  • Wood doors—providing a natural complement to a building’s architecture. Wood doors are produced from a variety of species allowing for the choice of stain options. Other options include bullet proofing, lead lining or acoustical treatment.
  • Fiberglass doors—best suited for harsh environments such as pools, water treatment facilities and chemical, manufacturing or sewage plants where the doors need to resist splitting, warping or rotting.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) outlines the methodology used in determining fire-resistance ratings. Basically, ratings indicate an hourly duration of exposure to fire and its intensity. Testing fire-rated doors calls for exposing the door to its prescribed duration of fire exposure while it is mounted in the wall of a test furnace. This controlled fire conforms to the standard time-temperature curve and is applied to only one side of the door. The test ends either at the point of passing having reached the expected fire protection rating or at the point of failure.

Benefits of Installing Fire-Rated Doors

There are numerous benefits gained by installing fire-rated doors, including:

  • Slowing down the progression of a fire sufficiently to allow occupants safe egress
  • Providing a fire barrier that retards the spread of fire for a specific time limit
  • Limiting the spread of heat, smoke and toxic gases
  • Limiting the extent of fire damage

The purpose of fire-rated doors is to prevent smoke and flames from spreading throughout a building in the event of a fire. The doors must be closed during a fire to be effective. In this way, fire is compartmentalized allowing occupants the time needed to safely evacuate the building. The fire rating correlates to the amount of time the door will hold back the fire providing from 20 to 180 minutes egress route protection as designated by a letter code.

Fire-Rated Door Installation NYC

Dori Doors NYC is the leading door Installation Company for fire rated doors.

Fire rated doors are required for emergency exits, boiler rooms, and apartment front doors in NYC. Fire rated doors are also available with decorative recessed panels which can be painted. Dori Doors also carries fire rated doors in different finishes. There are a number of factors to pay attention to in the installation of fire-rated doors to ensure they keep their rating upon inspection. Doors need to be self-closing and self-latching with the appropriate fire-labeled hardware installed. Gaskets and edge seals need to be intact to prevent any gaps when the doors are closed. No part of the required fire-rated label can be painted over.

Fire-Rated Door Repair NYC

To ensure safety of occupants and property protection, it is important to have skilled technicians install and repair fire-rated doors. An insured contractor brings the technical knowledge to the job of making sure fire-rated doors are working as they have been designed and are maintained in a manner that keeps their rating in accordance with NFPA Standards.



NYC Fire Rated Door Regulation http://www.nyc.gov/html/dob/downloads/pdf/cc_chapter7.pdf




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