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Custom Door Installation NYC

Our new project is a custom door installation  NYC for the Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan Residence in Brooklyn provides permanent housing with support in a single-site building with 24-hour staff support for adults with serious mental illness, co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders and adults with HIV/AIDS. Tenants are provided with rental stipends and case management/supportive services on an as-needed basis. Tenants pay 30% of gross monthly income towards rent that shelters people with special needs. These doors are for very heavy traffic. Exterior fronts also have an added element for wind and cold weather. The doors are aluminum to match the building’s original design (the vision glass around the doors).

customm door installation NYC

Type of Door Install:

Clear anodize aluminum

Frame 2×4 1/2″

Doors wide style 5″ around vision

10″ bottom rail

Door Hardware Installation:

Full mortise continuo hinges double Bering heavy duty

Von duprin push to exit device

Aromatic heavy duty door closer norton 6000


Security desk can open and swing doors remotely

Wheel chair can push button to swing doors (not manually for easy excess)

Original doors were double doors, we changed to a single door. The existing doors were not good for heavy traffic. When there is an additional entrance in a building such as Service Entrance (service entrances are always double doors and are used for deliveries or similar services)  and if the front door needs to be automatic, it should be a single door. Single doors are the best solution for wheel chair accessibility which was the case for this building with many wheel chairs coming in and out all the time.

New doors were replaced with Center single door 42″ (more the standard 36″) more convenient for smooth access in and out especially on wheel chair.

custom door project sketch

The Process Of Custom Door Installation

1-      First appointment meeting the client

2-      Dori Doors gets all info about the traffic of the doors for example if only for tenants or also for deliveries.

Delivery entrances need doors with more room for the dolly and boxes.

3-      Dori Doors suggests better operating solutions.

4-      Presents Estimate with drawing and cut sheets.

5-      Then customer revises, in this case customer also added request of automatic operators (closers)

6-      Dori Doors revised and sent Estimate with new request.

7-      Approval

8-      Project execution.

Total process time : This project took 20 weeks


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Behind The Metal Entry Door

Dori Doors & Security Inc. supplies commercial and residential customers with the best metal entry doors on the market. The use of metal entry doors is wide ranging. And, wider ranging than you may initially conceptualize. These door builds are usually bespoke— or custom made, and they are almost always meant to take an absolute beating. On the other hand, they’re often front facing first-impression makers. That’s why the use of an metal entry door is prevalent in almost all properties. There are many benefits to installing an metal door— and many unforeseen benefits that may better suit your  current property. Let’s take a look at what some of those benefits are:


Firstly, Fire Proof


The metal entry door, is fireproof. This isn’t any big surprise. In the case of a fire it is somewhat sensitive to the touch, like all metals, but these doors will prevent fire from spreading. For interior use, these doors are excellent in keeping something like fire “controllable.” This safeguards certain areas that are designated for safety. If you keep your eye out, a lot of these doors are used as exit doors, or doors in stairwells. They outfit hospitals, hotels and residential properties aplenty. This is so that in case of a fire emergency, a safe pathway is guaranteed where any metal door exists. Dori Doors & Security Inc. cuts fireproof doors to building regulation and client specification. An metal entry door is a benefit as well as a necessity.




Dori Doors & Security Inc. supports the longevity of all our products while also entertaining the stylistic desires of their usage. For apartments, condominiums, homes or any other residence, the entryway is sometimes the most important greeting a proprietor can have. Consider doors to be liken to a beautiful smile. This is something that people will remember… In this way, a smile says as much about a person as a residence or wherever the metal door is installed. Customizing metal doors is easy, cutting, grafting, shaping, providing panels, windows, etcetera. Painting and other styling is even easier and doesn’t harm the integrity or weather proofing of the product. metal doors almost always guarantee longevity, and style.


Energy Efficient


Metal doors by Dori Doors & Security Inc. are energy efficient. metal is excellent at preventing a biting cold or severe heat. That means they come fully equipped with Energy Star ratings. For those concerned with the environment this is an excellent option. As we mentioned before, they are fully customizable and safe; add to the list the fact that they will keep down costs to heat and cool your home while you have an excellent product at your fingertips.


The Everything Door (Including Security)


Wood, steal, fiberglass and glass manufactured doors are lovely. But at the same time they can be seen as slightly less dynamic than the metal entry door. As mentioned before, metal doors are excellent with fireproofing, style, and efficiency. But, they can also feature a weightless build. This makes them light on the structure of your frame, but nonetheless robust in strength. They are ideal doors for safety. And for this reason they can be equipped with any security system and are resistant to lock bumping and pounding as well.


Metal Door


Now you know a few things behind the metal entry door. They’re built without compromise to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction. Interested in a new metal door for your commercial or residential property? Send us a line and we will see what your personal situation needs!


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