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Top Three High Security Door Locks

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Everyone wants their business or home to be as secure as possible. Making sure that your existing locks are functioning properly can keep your property secure. However, in some situations, you might need a higher level of security. If this is the situation, you might want to expand your lock search beyond the traditional knob and deadbolt locks that are commonly on the market. Although these locks work well at keeping the average individual out of your property, professional lock pickers can disable these locks quite quickly. If you are keeping valuables on your property, it’s a practical choice to use a high security lock for protection. Here’s the three most popular high security locks on the market.


Mul-T Lock

One of the most popular manufacturers of high security  door locks, Mul-T-Lock’s offerings are very popular among businesses. Their MT-5 lock is particularly popular; it boasts bump, pick, and drill resistance, making it very difficult for even the most experienced burglar to disassemble. The Mul-T-Lock restricted keyway design also makes their locks an attractive choice for businesses, since the keyway copies can only be duplicated at authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer, and only with an included magnetic strip key. This helps business owners keep close watch over the control of their keys, making sure no criminal gets their hands on them. However, this added security comes with some extra charge – it’s more expensive, usually, to copy a Mul-T-Lock key than a standard one.


Medeco Options

Medeco is another leading maker of high security deadbolts that can be used for both homes and businesses. Particularly of note is their Maxum deadbolt type, which contains rotating pins inside the cylender that resist any drills or picks. They additionally offer a vast variety of high security lock options at varying security grades and prices – allowing consumers to find the absolute best lock for their home or business.

NightWatch by Master Lock

A fantastic choice for high security locks, the NightWatch deadbolt provides the highest level of consumer grade high security. This lock is most often implemented in residential settings – the master lock fits over your existing deadbolt, and can be armed as though it’s a normal deadbolt, however it also has a high security NightWatch feature. This unique function maneuvers the piece that turns the lock cylinder, rendering it temporarily unfunctional. This makes it impossible to open the lock from outside, even if the key is cut specifically for it. This is a fantastic security feature for attempted break ins – however it can only be activated from inside, which makes it a better choice for residences than businesses looking for a lockup solution when nobody will be inside the store.

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Fire Rated Doors


Components: Style &Types

Fire-rated doors are made in a variety of styles and come as a completed assembly including the frame and associated hardware, such as hinges, a latch, lock or the required closing device. Dori Doors in NYC installs fire rated doors that meet NYC codes. We also correct code violations with onsite repairs.

These doors are offered from stock on hand from manufacturers who also assist in developing the best door to suit any particular need. Among these are:

  • Hollow metal doors—typically installed on the building exterior and built to withstand the elements. These doors are also used in stairwells, on elevators and for janitor’s closets where moisture is often an issue.
  • Wood doors—providing a natural complement to a building’s architecture. Wood doors are produced from a variety of species allowing for the choice of stain options. Other options include bullet proofing, lead lining or acoustical treatment.
  • Fiberglass doors—best suited for harsh environments such as pools, water treatment facilities and chemical, manufacturing or sewage plants where the doors need to resist splitting, warping or rotting.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) outlines the methodology used in determining fire-resistance ratings. Basically, ratings indicate an hourly duration of exposure to fire and its intensity. Testing fire-rated doors calls for exposing the door to its prescribed duration of fire exposure while it is mounted in the wall of a test furnace. This controlled fire conforms to the standard time-temperature curve and is applied to only one side of the door. The test ends either at the point of passing having reached the expected fire protection rating or at the point of failure.

Benefits of Installing Fire-Rated Doors

There are numerous benefits gained by installing fire-rated doors, including:

  • Slowing down the progression of a fire sufficiently to allow occupants safe egress
  • Providing a fire barrier that retards the spread of fire for a specific time limit
  • Limiting the spread of heat, smoke and toxic gases
  • Limiting the extent of fire damage

The purpose of fire-rated doors is to prevent smoke and flames from spreading throughout a building in the event of a fire. The doors must be closed during a fire to be effective. In this way, fire is compartmentalized allowing occupants the time needed to safely evacuate the building. The fire rating correlates to the amount of time the door will hold back the fire providing from 20 to 180 minutes egress route protection as designated by a letter code.

Fire-Rated Door Installation NYC

Dori Doors NYC is the leading door Installation Company for fire rated doors.

Fire rated doors are required for emergency exits, boiler rooms, and apartment front doors in NYC. Fire rated doors are also available with decorative recessed panels which can be painted. Dori Doors also carries fire rated doors in different finishes. There are a number of factors to pay attention to in the installation of fire-rated doors to ensure they keep their rating upon inspection. Doors need to be self-closing and self-latching with the appropriate fire-labeled hardware installed. Gaskets and edge seals need to be intact to prevent any gaps when the doors are closed. No part of the required fire-rated label can be painted over.

Fire-Rated Door Repair NYC

To ensure safety of occupants and property protection, it is important to have skilled technicians install and repair fire-rated doors. An insured contractor brings the technical knowledge to the job of making sure fire-rated doors are working as they have been designed and are maintained in a manner that keeps their rating in accordance with NFPA Standards.



NYC Fire Rated Door Regulation http://www.nyc.gov/html/dob/downloads/pdf/cc_chapter7.pdf




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Commercial and Industrial Glass Doors

Dori Doors & Security, INC are experts in commercial and industrial glass door installations, repair and maintenance. We’re known to mention that our specialty is in tempered glass Clear Tempered Frameless Glass Doors. We know that these doors promote high-security without sacrificing the front-facing aesthetic that commercial and industrial properties need to maintain an exceptional appearance and function.


These full-glass and often frame-less doors can be totally customized in shape, with handles, exit bars and overhead closures, and are made to match with an inventory of likable finishes. Clear Tempered Frameless Glass Doors typically feature 3/8’’ or 1/2’’ thickness and are exemplary for etching, sandblasting and placing custom logos which clearly represent your business. So what is your use? Here are a few applicable uses for Commercial and Industrial glass doors that we find attractive and very useful.


Restaurants, Retail, Business, Business, Business


Commonly, commercial doors are used in a variety of different establishments. The reason is simple. These doors offer transparency, which attracts customers to a product. For instance, they offer views of a delectable dish on table five, or a leather coat on a mannequin a few feet inside a store. Commercial glass doors literally invite you in, and in multiple ways. At the same time, they offer incredibly safe results. Although glass is perceived as fragile, these doors are composed of exceptional break-proof glass material, making them perfectly holistic for all types of a commercial front.


Industrial Glass Doors


Industrial glass doors are applicable in numerous circumstances. New York City Fire Departments, police stations, car wash centers and even storage facilities use industrial glass doors. They can be found in lumber yards, construction yards and other industrial properties as well. Industrial glass doors might be used to section off a renovated live-in farmhouse or even in an apartment to contrast a cozy interior. The use of the industrial glass door is endless. They are perfect for an aesthetically conscious client or a government entity needing a custom build.

What is common?


At Dori Doors & Security, INC, we can’t really say that anything is common. And, we like it that way. We like to customize doors for our clients in order to suit their exact or very particular needs. This keeps our job as unique as our product and makes for an unequaled experience in every way. But we can offer these commercial and industrial glass features to help you orient  yourself with our expertise in the area.


  • Insulated Glass, Laminated Glass, Safety Glass
  • Glass Weather Proofing
  • Glass Densities: 3/8’’ or 1/2’’ and More
  • 1 Year Comprehensive Service Guarantee: Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  • Free Commercial and Residential Estimates
  • Highest Quality Products and Hardware
  • First-Rate Customer Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Recap on Glass Doors


Dori Doors & Security, INC is passionate about servicing the Greater New York City Area. Our customers are very pleased with the effort we use to install quality long-lasting products wherever they are needed. If you have a question about our service send us a line! We love discussing commercial and industrial glass doors!

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