DIY Front Door Fixes


Front entry doors need to be able to withstand the harsh weather elements of wind, rain, snow, and changing temperatures – as well as the normal wear and tear associated with regular use. They are usually (and should always be) stronger than interior doors, made up of impact resistant material, and treated with weather resistant finishes. All door weatherstripping and minor issues like dents eventually need to be replaced or repaired. Here’s Dori Door’s guide to the common adjustments that home or business owners can carry out on their front doors – more akin to maintenance operations than repair.



You may have noticed that your front entrance door creaks, sticks, or doesn’t easily close at is did closer to it’s installation. Since most homes are constructed of organic materials, they are subject to change and wear and tear associated with regular use, as well as the expansion and contraction that wood undergoes during weather and temperature changes. After your home has “settled” you may need to adjust your entrance door to ensure it can perfectly open and shut, as well as remain solid inside the doorway. There’s a few other factors that might lead to a front door maintenance operation, especially if your home experiences tons of foot traffic. Here’s a few remedies.


Sticking Doors

If your door is sticking, you might need to adjust it’s size to refit the entranceway. You might just have to clean the hinges and remove dirt up along the edges of the door. Then try adjusting the hinges, tightening them tos ee if the problem is solved. If the door is still sticking, try sanding it’s edges to make it fit better in the entranceway.


Dented Doors

You can repair steel door dents with an auto filler – simply sanding it down until you see metal, and then applying the necessary amount of auto filler layers until the door is flush smooth. Once the door has a smooth surface, prime and paint it.


Squeaky Doors

If your doors are squeaking when they are opened and shut, use a silicone based lubricant on the hinges. Remove the pin from the hinges and lightly scrub the hinge leaves, barrel, and pin with steel wool. Then coat them all with a thin amount of silicone spray or a lightweight penetrating oil in order to mitigate that awful squeaking noise.

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