Common Kinds of Automatic Commercial Doors

Automatic commercial doors are necessities for any professional business that gets high amount of traffic, They provide an impression of professionalism and allow customers to feel comfortable. The type of commercial automatic door that’s right for a business depends on what volume of traffic they get. Here’s Dori Door’s guide to the three most common kinds of Automatic Commercial Doors: telescoping, swinging, and sliding.

Automatic Sliding Doors

These doors are commonly found in hospitals, grocery stores, or retail establishments, and provide customers a hands-free entrance into a business. They consist of either a single door that slides in a single direction, or two doors that slide in opposite directions away from eachother. Automatic sliding doors provide energy savings, since the door is only open when someone is coming into or leaving the business, and offer a fantastic solution for businesses with lots of foot traffic.


Automatic Swinging Doors

These doors usually control traffic flow through exits or entrances, these doors utilize guard railings to restrict certain traffic movement. They are often found inside schools, apartment buildings, or offices. They are available for installation in exterior or interior places, and are almost always compatible for disability accommodation.


Automatic Telescoping Doors

These doors are perfect for places where there’s minimal space, or space is very expensive, as they can be installed in very small entrance ways. These doors are made of a collection of smaller panels that slide and stack on each other in order to create a wide space of clearance. These doors are often found inside banks, government office buildings, and airports.


Automatic commercial doors are total essentials for every type of business. Depending on your type of business, the experts at Dori Doors will help you choose and purchase the exact right type of door for your commercial location’s needs.

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