Choosing the Right Patio Doors

When you’re purchasing replacement patio doors, you have to consider their visual appeal. Doors play a huge part in magnifying your home’s curb appeal, and patio doors need to also be highly functional and durable to maintain the security of your home. In this brief blog post, the experts at Dori Doors will give you some detail as to what factors to pay attention to when choosing the right patio doors for your home.



Cheap patio doors provide a false sense of security and make people think that their home is protected from forced entry, while in reality these doors can be opened easily by even inexperienced burglars with rudimentary tools. Patio doors need to be created out of a sturdy and strong framing material. This material needs to be thick, and able to deny any attempts at forced intrusion. Not only does it need a solid frame but it also needs a complex and working lock mechanism. For the most part, a patio bolt deadbolt alone isn’t enough to thwart a truly determined burglar.


Energy Efficiency

Most hinged and sliding patio doors are mostly made of glass, pay close attention to how well this glass is glazed. Basic clear glass won’t prevent extra heat gain inside your home during the Summer, or provide quality thermal insulation during the Winter. The best choice is to choose double paned patio doors with special, Low Energy input/output coatings that are spectrally selective and treated with argon gas to block out the rays of the Sun without reflecting it’s light.


Ease of Use

Consider how much space you’re utilizing this door for. If your doors are inside a tiny area, try to use gliding patio doors in order to conserve precious real estate space when the doors are being opened. If you’re choosing between swinging patio door units, make sure to pay attention to the wall placement/structure and the way your furniture or the inside room is organized in order to determine the right layout for installation/door opening.



Since patio doors are half outside and constantly exposed to the weather, hinged and patio doors without waterproof finishes can quickly degrade due to natural moisture in the air. It’s essential that you make sure these doors have external cladding that’s protected from the heat in order to keep their color intact for years to come.

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