Automatic Door Benefits


When customers first come to your commercial location, the first thing that they will notice is your doors. Automatically opening and closing doors make a great first impression on any customer, since they make it much easier for them to enter or exit your location. They can make your business less hectic, more efficient, and more convenient. When an automatic door is properly installed by a professional (like those at Dori Doors) they offer a plethora of benefits, such as:


Lessening Traffic

Automatic Doors reduce the traffic flow through your business. Visitors won’t have their pace slowened by manual or slowly revolving doors, and can quickly and safely enter and exit since the door opens automatically for them.


Makes your Business Energy Efficient

Automatically shutting doors work with the structure of your building, and can be locked after closing times. They respond to weather, and won’t allow for air transfer with the space outside your shop, helping lower the energy bills for heating or cooling your store.


Americans with Disabilities Act

The ADA requires businesses to accommodate those in wheelchairs or with other forms of disabilities. Automatic doors comply with these regulations by automatically opening by touching an adjacent button, and they are built with enough width to easily accommodate any size of wheelchair or motor scooter.


Hands Free

This makes it easier for customers or workers to enter or exit your business even when their hands are full of packages, bags, or working materials. Any adult with a small child will appreciate being able to enter or exit a store without having to let go of their kid’s hand. All in all, it makes it much more convenient for everybody.

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