Appreciating Front Doors

Dori Doors maintains a steadfast commitment to fulfilling the needs of our customers through our door installation, repair, and maintenance services. To us, doors aren’t just entranceways – they’re something much deeper.

Looking Closer at Doors

All regular objects are made up of much deeper meanings. In order to understand these meanings, you need to suspend your mundane everyday distractions and take the time to really look at the object, analyze its essence.


Doors, on first glance, seem completely normal and bland, yet functionally necessary. When you take the time to think about what doors really mean to people’s lives, it’s much deeper than simply appreciating them. The fact that doors kind of blend into the background truly camouflages the real meaning they have over all of our lives.


It can be hard, at first, to understand the very normal concept of a front door as being anything but a classical solution to the practical need for an entrance and exit way to a home. Since they seem so familiar, it can be easy to fall into the pit of perception that an object that seems so wholly mundane and unexceptional can only have a meaning for a basic human need, and nothing more.


Think about the Oxford Dictionary definition of ‘door’; “A hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building or room.” That simple, rote definition seems to color doors as simply being a utilitarian tool for people’s convenience, and little more. This definition doesn’t even get close to tackling how door’s delineate the separation between private and public space – on both a social and spiritual level. They keep strangers outside, from simply walking into your home, and they also differentiate the climate controlled environment of your home with the hot or cold outdoors. Even this account doesn’t quite wholly capture the true importance of a door.

The Deeper Meaning of Doors

Doors are born out of human need and necessity. As society evolved, it became necessary to implement barriers to control passing between exterior and the interior spaces close to people’s hearts – and from that end, you can consider a front door as representing the basic and universal human need to seek out and maintain privacy, safety, comfort, health – while staying independent.


On this hand, doors also help affect human relationships. Regular plain old doors serve out their original functions for privacy, but a regular flat and non-transparent door sacrifices the other human need for company. When a door is simply built to be functional, left to bare bones design, it does not invite any sort of entry into one’s home – jettisoning the human importance of social interaction. As a tool and symbol of human’s public lives and private spaces ,doors simultaneously shut out and secure, and invite and welcome.

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