What to look for in NYC Commercial Door Repair


If you own a commercial location in New York City you must understand the high importance of keeping a pristine commercial door – as well as the value of a door repair company that you can rely on for professional service, whether booked in advance or on emergency short notice. The fact is that not every single commercial door repair service is built the same – and the best way to give your business what it deserves is to hire the best possible commercial door repair service possible. Here are the most important traits of a really professional commercial door repair service.


Ability to Fix Every Kind of Door

Regardless of whatever kind of door is giving you issues, the door repair service should be able to repair it with no problem. A truly professional commercial door repair service can work on any variety of door: automatic doors, warehouse doors, fire doors, overheads, roll-ups, and of course, regular entrance doors.


Professionalism and Skill

Every single service person employed by the NYC commercial door repair service should have a professional appearance – and more importantly, full safety training with all aspects of door repair, which can include processes such as loading, ladder climbing, and torch welding. Not only should every employee of the company have full understanding of safety procedures, but they should also be helpful, courteous, and provide amazing results.


24/7 Availability

You never know when you’re going to need service for your NYC businesses’ commercial doors. Door issues can range from innocuous to extremely serious, and some absolutely need to be remedied as fast as possible. If your business suffers a break in or a weather pattern related door issue, it’s simply not possible to wait a few days until a repair person can come in. You need a service that can come directly to your location at any hour of day, any day of the year.


Dori Doors’ Professionalism

When you require on the spot professional assistance with your business or commercial location’s doors, look no further than Dori Doors. Businesses’ throughout NYC rely on us for instant, on the spot, professional service for all door issues on a 24/7, 365 basis. There’s simply no better option in the Big Apple.

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Automatic Door Benefits


When customers first come to your commercial location, the first thing that they will notice is your doors. Automatically opening and closing doors make a great first impression on any customer, since they make it much easier for them to enter or exit your location. They can make your business less hectic, more efficient, and more convenient. When an automatic door is properly installed by a professional (like those at Dori Doors) they offer a plethora of benefits, such as:


Lessening Traffic

Automatic Doors reduce the traffic flow through your business. Visitors won’t have their pace slowened by manual or slowly revolving doors, and can quickly and safely enter and exit since the door opens automatically for them.


Makes your Business Energy Efficient

Automatically shutting doors work with the structure of your building, and can be locked after closing times. They respond to weather, and won’t allow for air transfer with the space outside your shop, helping lower the energy bills for heating or cooling your store.


Americans with Disabilities Act

The ADA requires businesses to accommodate those in wheelchairs or with other forms of disabilities. Automatic doors comply with these regulations by automatically opening by touching an adjacent button, and they are built with enough width to easily accommodate any size of wheelchair or motor scooter.


Hands Free

This makes it easier for customers or workers to enter or exit your business even when their hands are full of packages, bags, or working materials. Any adult with a small child will appreciate being able to enter or exit a store without having to let go of their kid’s hand. All in all, it makes it much more convenient for everybody.

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Securing Sliding Doors


Sliding doors can make a beautiful addition to any New York City home or business, allowing natural light to flow through and illuminate your space. However, if you have sliding doors, it’s imperative that you take extra security measures to make sure that burglars can’t enter your home through them. Deadbolts work great for regular doors and windows, but they don’t work great with sliding doors. Try these security measures instead:


First try the included lock

Many sliding doors come with an included lock usually within it’s handle, which secures the door to it’s frame. Test this lock by locking it and stepping outside and trying to pull it open. If the door moves at all, the latch isn’t working or the frame is loose – fix these issues as soon as possible by contacting a professional door repair service like Dori Doors.

Slide Lock Bars

These essentially are thick metallic or wooden bars, which are cut at a specific measurement to fit into your door’s lower track. When leaving your home, place the slide lock bar into the track, preventing it from being able to open.


Rollers and Tracks

The majority of sliding doors can move side to side on plastic rollers, but if these rollers suffer any sort of damage or warping, the door can be much more easily lifted up out of the track, providing somebody entrance into your home. If the door isn’t rolling the right way, lift it out of the track, and clean out any objects or dirt that may have gotten lodged inside the track. If the door still won’t roll the right way, try to adjust the size of the rollers by using a screwdriver on their included adjusting spaces to either contract or expand them.


Alarm Systems

Wire your in house alarm systems to your sliding door. This way, if the door is opened once the alarm is armed, a loud alarm will sound – scaring away any potential burglar, as well as contacting the authorities. Another possibility is the installation of sensors that will sound in case the glass of these sliding doors get smashed.


Additional Sliding Door Locks

Install an additional sliding door lock which works with a single or double bolt system, which attaches to the door’s closing area and latches into place with the bolts. The majority of these lock systems can be adjusted, and either replace or add an additional security layer to the existing lock on the sliding door. These locks are available in keyed varieties, as well as with built in battery powered loud alarms included.


Last Resorts

If these measures don’t work, you may want to install a new, properly aligned sliding door. You may also want to replace the entire door’s frame with one that has strong metallic tracks that are properly installed throughout the entire length (many are only secured at the corners.) We highly recommend you hire the professional door repair experts at Dori Doors, so you can ensure that all doors and door hardware is properly installed.


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Burglar Proofing Doors


Here’s our top tips for how to burglarproof all the doors in your home. Entry through doors is how over 70% of burglaries are committed, so these tips are sure to bolster your home security.

Solidify your Security

All doors that lead to the outside of your home need to be solid and impervious to strong kicks. Choose a solid wood door or one with a solid wood core. If you choose a metallic door, make sure that it is re enforced on the inside, and has a lock block – so that it can resist burglars from breaking it with a car jack. Reinforced steel doors are the strongest option, but they require a high level of extra maintenance in order to prevent any rust.

Protect Windows

The fact is that door windows may look pretty, but they are a serious home security risk. If your window is located within an arm’s reach of the door lock, it’s very easy to smash it and stick your arm through to unlock the door. If you’re installing a brand new door, simply choose one without a window; and if you already have a door with a window, make sure that the glass is re-enforced, and consider adding extra metal re enforcement or decorative bars. To be extra careful, add a second door lock at the floor level – too far for a burglar to reach down if they break the door windowpane.

Get rid of Shrubbery

Shrubs and bushes can be beautiful, but they don’t belong near your doors or windows – they create way too much potential coverage for burglars to break into your home.


Doors only maintain the amount of strength that their lock imparts. Even a strong, metal reinforced door can be opened with a strong kick if your lock doesn’t go deep enough into the door frame. When you’re choosing your deadbolt, choose a leading industry brand name, and don’t get the cheapest model.

Additional Lines of Protection

We also recommend getting a secondary, one sided deadbolt – since these locks don’t have keyed access to the outside, they can only get opened while you’re at home – they can only get locked from the inside – making them impossible for burglars to open.


Frames and door jambs are both essential spects to door security. If you don’t have a strong jamb or frame, your door can easily crack open. Make sure that instead of a skinny strike plate, you install ad eep box strike to house the bolt of your deadbolt – and screw this deep into the wall studs, rather than just into the door jamb. To be extra careful, re enforce your doorjamb with strong galvanized steel to resist strikes, kicks, and any other attempts to break down your door.

Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are often seen as an easy in by burglars, but they don’t have to make your home vulnerable. Make sure that your doors are made of either reinforced glass or plastic, rather than thin glass – and that they remain locked. Place a metallic or wooden dowel in the track to prevent the doors from being opened through force. Additionally install motion or vibration sensors on the glass to sound the alarm / notify law enforcement just in case the glass is broken. Also, install curtains on the inside of your window to prevent any passing burglars from being able to look inside your home.

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Door Security Basics


Crime statistics have proven that most burglars use front doors in order to enter homes. When you’re enhancing your security around your home, you should concentrate on your front door as a priority.

Importance of Locks

It’s a common fact that when burglars are researching an area to commit theft in, they concentrate on how to get the job done as fast and silently as possible. They prefer not to have the job stalled by an impenetrable door, as the longer they are there, and the more noise they make trying to get in, the higher the likelihood is that they will get caught.

If you’re working with a small budget, invest your money in thick doors. Even just seeing a protected and secured door will operate as a deterrent for the burglar, telling him to go and find a new home to break into.

Another fantastic place to invest your funds is in devices that have psychologically deterring effects on any potential criminals. Some examples of objects that operate as deterrents for burglars are:

  • Fences
  • Window Bars
  • Video door phones
  • Security Cameras
  • Yard signs that advertise a security company
  • Fake surveillance cameras
  • Motion sensing outdoor lights

Strong Design makes a Stronger Door

For any door to be considered truly strong it should be made of metal or solid wood – other materials like plywood, USB, or wood composites usually are weaker. They don’t have the same sorts of elastic qualities that solid hardwood or metal do, and can easily succumb under strain or force. The door should not be less than 2 inches thick, and the frame should be made of the same material as the door. Frames should have the same amount of strength as the door; and remember that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic attractiveness for solid construction and security.

Door Chains

Door viewers (aka peepholes) are common security features along with chains. Chains are rudimentary but crucial devices that allow you to communicate with people outside your door without allowing them direct access into your home. The chain is attached to one side of the door frame, and on the other end, is connected to the door with a sliding rail hub, which limits the amount the door can be opened to just a crack of a few inches. Door chains are worth it for these reasons:

  • The chain works as a secondary barrier
  • Chains make it impossible to open a door from the outside
  • Chains allow you to receive packages or talk to strangers outside your home without opening your door


All exterior doors should be evenly secured with strong locks. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) rates locks according to their strength and quality according to a scale between 1 and 3, 1 being the strongest. Grade 1 deadbolts are our recommendation for perimeter door locks – whether they be single or double cylinder locks. Single cylinder locks have a single keyholes on their exterior end, while the other end has a rotating handle that allows you to open it from the inside – this type of door can be a security risk if it’s combined with glass door panels. If your door has glass panels, you’d be better off,and more secure, working with a double cylinder rather than a single cylinder lock.

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Home improvements


Perhaps you think that it’s time to upgrade the facade of your home. These sort of makeovers can improve your home’s aesthetic impact, and in many ways it’s value. If you’re interested in these kinds of value boosting upgrades, check out our list of the best types of home improvement projects that you can take on.

Brighten up your front entrance

If your door is in operational condition, simply giving it a paint job will boost the aesthetic and monetary value of your home. We recommend painting it in a bright color, and adding a few bold decorations and accessories. Make sure that the color of the door and any decorations match – maybe not exactly in color – but in a complementary fashion. Check out websites of paint makers to help you match the intended color of your door with the color of your home and garage door. Finally, consider adding new windows to give your home a fresher appearance.

Spruce up your front porch

Add a table and some rustic chairs to your front porch to increase its aesthetic and monetary value. Simply put a planter with flowers next to the table or chairs to add a cozy and ambient value that will reflect back onto your entire home.


Add plants to your front yard – proper for every season. Consider installing evergreen bushes or plants that will last throughout winter – or even trade perennials with friends or neighbors. Just make sure to be specific in regards to placement and color matching, as well as trimming overgrown bushes and shrubs.

Upgrade your Garage Door

Since garage doors can dominate the facade of your home, make sure to make it look good to visitors. Repair any damage in your existing garage door, or consider upgrading it entirely with a new door whose finish and color perfectly matches, flatters, or complements that of your home’s facade.

Change Lighting

Consider installing permanent lamps, nighttime flood lights, or any type of outdoor ambient lighting that tickles your fancy. Lights can add a magical element of warmth to your home, especially in Winter months; and lights can vary wildly, from lampposts and overhead lights, to wall mounted lights and even solar powered lamps.

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Best Entrance Doors for Businesses


What’s the best kind of entrance door for my business?

Whether you’re setting up a brand new business, or renovating an already-in-place one, the kind of entrance door that you choose to use will have a major effect on your commercial location’s appearance, sense of attractiveness, traffic-flow, energy bills, and level of security.


Revolving Doors

These are a business favorite for stores with high levels of foot traffic, like banks or major business centers. They are a preference since they help regulate foot traffic, and help conserve energy that may be lost from air conditioning or heating that leaks outside. It also helps prevent rain, slush, and snow from coming inside the building in the event of nasty weather. Revolving doors have the additional benefit of being a security bolster, since they can easily be locked incredibly quickly to prevent anyone from being able to enter or exit the building.


Automatic Doors

There’s a wide variety of automatic door types that you can choose, such as:

  • Swinging Automatic Doors: These doors open in one direction only, and are a great choice for commercial locations that want customers to enter through one door and exit through another.
  • Bi-fold Automatic doors: These doors, instead of sliding laterally, fold in half to allow entrance – additionally, they are made of large glass panels that can be customized for various degrees of transparency and opacity.
  • Sliding automatic doors: These doors are characterized by their inclusion of four glass panels, half of which slide to the side to open and shut whenever it’s internal sensor is triggered by a person’s sensed presence. These doors are most commonly seen at grocery stores, and are a fantastic choice for businesses that have wider or taller entrances.

Things to take into consideration when choosing doors:

When you’re deciding the best entrance door for your commercial location, you need to consider space and the size of the entrance – it’s length and width will limit and dictate your practical options for doors. Also, consider your budget – how much can you spend on the entrance doors? Make sure to consider what kind of business that you’re maintaining, exactly how much foot traffic you can expect to logically handle, and what the aesthetic and style that you want your business to impart is. In some cases, a normal door might work great for you – however, in other cases, installing an automatic door may be a necessity.

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Benefits of Storm Doors


Adding storm doors is well worth the price tag. It helps improve both the appearance and practical function of your home, and they are fairly easy to install, with little maintenance needed, and long lasting durability. If you haven’t yet installed storm doors at your home or business, here’s some of their benefits that you should keep in mind.


Extended Energy Efficiency

One of the best reasons to purchase a storm door is that it makes homes and businesses much more energy efficient. Storm doors help reduce the waste of cold or heated air, thus saving homeowners the energy costs that they would normally use to replace this lost energy. The value of this is emphasized if your home is older, but in good condition. Many homeowners never even realize that heat loss is a completely preventable issue – with the aid of proper insulation and a functioning storm door.


Door Protection

Storm doors also protect front doors from harmful outside weather conditions, like wetness, wind, debris, and sun. It’s also important to remember that if your main entry door sustains more than a few hours of sun every day, since the sun can trap heat, which may end up increasing the damage on your front door.


Additional Home Security

Adding storm doors to your home can certainly up its security game – they basically add another level of security in the additional locking mechanism, keeping intruders out. If you don’t have a way of seeing outside when your home is locked – so you can’t spot anyone outside – storm doors allow you to open your front door to see who’s there while still being protected by the security of a locked door. This can help keep you, your family, and your livelihood safe.

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Advice for Choosing Residential Doors


The front doors of your home speak volumes to your lifestyle and aesthetic taste. For example, a brightly colored door – red or blue – in an otherwise non-distinct home can lend to an air of adventure and excitement. French doors that lead to a lovely patio demonstrate a level of refinement. If you’re building a brand new home, or you’re trying to replace the doors in your already existing home, the kind of doors that you pick is vastly important. The right kind of door can not only make the facade of your home more beautiful, but can also add to your physical security, and even add to your home’s value. Here’s some of our top tips for finding the perfect door for your residential property.


Pay attention to budgeting:

Always consider the maximum amount of money that you’ll be able to use for your door purchase. This is a wise choice since your budget will be the sole factor that will limit your decision. While you’re figuring out your ideal budget, it’s important to also consider what features you’re willing to spend more money on. These may include:

  • The longevity of the door
  • How energy efficient it is
  • Weather protection
  • Necessary Maintenance
  • Additional special features


Choosing the Proper Material

Be aware that your front door will be exposed to moisture, rain, cold, wind, and snow. This should be absolutely kept in mind while you’re figuring out what material you want to have your door be crafted out of. Steel is an excellent choice, as it’s very durable and can be made to be extra energy efficient (which cuts down on heating costs in the Winter, and cooling costs in later months.) Wood is a fantastic aesthetic choice, but it can be pricey. Regardless of whatever material you choose, make sure to get insulation. Insulation will guarantee your comfort during all seasons of the year, while helping to vastly reduce your annual energy bills.


Style Matters

It’s also important to value your own particular sense of aesthetics and style when deciding on the right door. Are you seeking something contemporary and stylish? How about homey, rustic, with warm tones? Or something bright, that boldly pops? Keep in mind the general color scheme of your neighborhood, and the outside of your home – as well as what colors have the most personal resonance with you. Whatever color schemes, material, patterns, and style is up to you.

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Schlage Touch Lock

Schlage electronic lock

A new generation of electronic locks

Schlage has pioneered a fantastic keyless lock with it’s battery operated, electromechanical lockset and deadbolt that operates without a lock cylinder. This prevents the possibility of cylinder manipulation as a burglary tactic, increasing your security exponentially. The Schlage Touch deadbolt and lever locks are BHMA/ANSI Grade Two touchscreen controlled, and have a weather resistant electronic display that can be utilized in indoor or outdoor settings, and is backlit by a down lighting LED. The keypad is pressure controlled, making it a useable choice for those who live in environments where they will be wearing gloves. The touchscreen is wired through a very slim and aesthetically pleasing mechanism that can be installed on all varieties of doors, including outdoor swinging screen doors.
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