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Every business or location has it’s own set of challenges and requirements- especially in the bustle of New York City - and in turn, calls for different solutions. At Dori Doors, we are experts at creating entrance solutions specifically catered to the specific needs and requirements of your location. As our expert designers and technicians work with you throughout the entire process, every project is guaranteed to uniquely fit all of your needs, providing improvements to all your visitors. We invite you to take advantage of our broad variety of products, our expert aesthetic eye and technical skill, and our installation and repair expertise to provide you with the ideal entrances for your building.

Dori Doors Services a broad variety of building types, including:


These environments call for door openings that function with seamless ease, as well as providing long lasting durability that can withstand the high traffic and use of any school environment. Dori Doors provides a wide variety of products ideal for any door application you wish to integrate into your school.

Health Care

Dori Doors provides many simple, durable, and long-lasting hypoallergenic door opening solutions for hospitals, offices, or any healthcare facility seeking to ensure a clean and safe environment.


When it comes to hotels, first impressions matter. The entrance to your facility is of the utmost importance; Dori Doors provides optimal options to make entering and leaving a building convenient, secure, and safe.

Corporate / Offices

Commercial environments call for secure, compliant, efficient, and well constructed openings. Dori Door’s full catalogue of door hardware lines will help you meet all aesthetic and functional requirements for your space.


Public Space requires entrances that are both aesthetically optimal while also being able to transport heavy traffic throughout entryways and buildings; Dori Door’s extensive inventory of entrance options helps you make a better public space.

Retail / Shopping

Entrance into a store isn’t just an architectural detail - it provides a moment of peaceful transition between the hectic outside world and the organized sanctity of your private, branded, indoor space. Customers are shown to be made more at ease through the quiet transition of entrance, almost resetting their mood. Retail environments call for easy access; Dori Doors can provide an entrance set-up ideal for your business.


Heavily-trafficked transportation spaces requires access that’s efficient, reliable, and durable; Dori Doors can provide applications to meet all necessary needs.

Entertainment / Sports

Heavy traffic and abuse resistant entranceways provide optimum visibility, as well as a safe, code-meeting egress for pedestrians.

Private / Residential

Custom designed doors in a variety of layouts and finishes to maximize both aesthetic appeal, ease-of-function, and long-lasting durability.


Whether you need to enforce a secure entrance, provide access control, or handle high-volumes of crowds, Dori Doors can provide the best solutions for government institutional buildings.

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  • joseph testimonial for doridoors

    We had one interior door installed and were impressed by the professionalism, courtesy and capacity of the men who did the work, and pleased with the quality of the project. Then, we invited them back to install eight fire escape doors on our buildings.We highly recommend them.... Joseph S. New York, NY

  • jaroslav testimonial for doridoors

    Excellent service. Dori Doors installed exterior door in our building. High level of professionalism, courtesy and quality of the work. I highly recommend them. Jaroslav J. Manhattan, NY

  • eric brooklyn testimonial for doridoors

    I am repeatedly super impressed with this NYC Door Company!! Dori Doors NYC has replaced our automatic glass doors in my investment properties and I plan to use them on a future project of storefront door installation! These guys are a pleasure to work with... Eric D. Brooklyn, NY

  • sara testimonial for doridoors

    Working with Dori Doors was easy and I highly recommend using their services. The installers were helpful and friendly, and that makes a huge difference when you are dealing with our apartment building fire rated door upgrades... Sara K New York, NY

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